Essayist. Haiku Enthusiast. Aspiring Author. Travel Addict. Boy Mom. Eater of Chocolate. Lover of Books and Dogs.



I write about motherhood. I’m an adoptive mom, and often my essays hinge on some aspect of the adoption journey. But not always. Sometimes I write about what it feels like to be a stay-at-home mom while also being a woman who used to work for a feminist publication.choice-1

Sometimes I write about travel. I have a long history of wanderlust.

Before I became a mom, I spent the better part of a decade working as a freelance writer. I wrote about sustainable and organic lifestyles, home and garden, food and drinks, and more. I’ve interviewed chefs, politicians, authors, artists, philanthropists, and business owners.

Haiku Enthusiast. 

A friend and I kept a joint blog as a way to stay in touch. We decided, because we were both crafty gals in need of a challenge, that all of our blog posts should be in the form of haiku. We went strong on the back-and-forth haiku blog for three years before the haiku slowed.

When the blog (Haiku By Two) started, I didn’t know much about haiku, just that a haiku was a three-lined poem with a strict syllable count. And that it was supposed to be about nature.

But blogging in haiku spurred my curiosity about this ancient poetry form. I’ve read many collections of haiku and books about haiku and have developed a great love for these artful

Aspiring Author.

I’m working on a memoir. It’s about my travels, my infertility, and my son. With a few haiku thrown in.

Travel Addict. 

About that wanderlust…I’ve done the study abroad thing (Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Cuba).

I’ve done the teach English thing (Argentina).

I’ve done the live-with-a-local-family-and-study-Spanish thing (Guatemala).

I’ve done the backpacker thing (Mexico, Patagonia, Southeast Asia).

And I’ve done the travel blogger thing (GoNomad).

My most recent adventure abroad involved a monster truck, a snow mobile, and a rental car in Iceland.

Boy Mom.boy-mom

My husband and I adopted our son from China. He was born with some health concerns, so I’m also the mother of a special needs child.

And yet, the little guy is an active bundle of muscle who wants to play bocce ball, play badminton, ride his bike, ride his scooter, drive his remote control monster truck around the block, collect sticks and hoard them on the front porch, and on and on and on. The kid doesn’t stop until he collapses into bed. I, very often, am wishing I could collapse right along side him.

Eater of Chocolate. 

Especially of the dark variety.

Lover of Books and Dogs. 

When it comes to books, I gravitate to nonfiction titles. Travel memoirs written by women are always of interest to me, but I love a great novel.

As for the dogs…ariesabby

I mean, come on, look at these two! Total sweetness! My neurotic, rescue min pins are the very definition of “nervous, little dogs.”

They pull me away from my computer and help me clear my head when I’m stumped about which words should come next. Of course, they are also very willing to help me procrastinate writing time!


If you want to get in touch, email kelly at kellywesthoff dot com.

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