Kelly Westhoff is a writer. She is also a mom.

Her blog, The Not So Mindful Mommy, details her adventures in mindfulness and meditation with her five year-old son.

500 Headshot WebsiteBefore the importance of the bed time routine invaded her life, Kelly was a traveler — the kind who would throw all her stuff in a backpack, hit the road, and write about her adventures.

When she wasn’t traveling, she worked as a freelance writer.

She wrote about sustainable and organic lifestyles, home and garden, food and drinks, and more. She interviewed chefs, politicians, authors, artists, philanthropists, and business owners.

Kelly was trained as an educator and spent seven years teaching in the public school system. She earned a TEFL certification and taught English to business professionals in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has a master’s degree in liberal studies with an emphasis in writing and is currently working on a manuscript about her struggle with infertility and the adoption of her son from China.

You may contact Kelly by email at kelly at kellywesthoff dot com.

* Photo by Woodford Sisters Photography.

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