Kelly Westhoff is a traveler, writer and teacher.

Kelly WesthoffShe has studied abroad, lived abroad and worked abroad. She survived a cockroach attack in Guatemala and the plucking of all her leg hairs in Vietnam. She has lived through too many dubious bathroom situations to count.

When she’s not circling the globe, she works as a freelance writer. She has written about sustainable and organic lifestyles, home and garden, food and drinks, and more. She has interviewed chefs, politicians, authors, artists, philanthropists and business owners.

Currently, she is obsessed with haiku (even though she has never been to Japan). She counts syllables and posts her poems at Haiku By Two, a web site she started with a fellow haiku-obsessed friend.

Kelly was trained as an educator and spent seven years teaching in the public school system. She taught language arts, world geography, Spanish, and English as a Second Language.

Every once in a while, she finds her way back to the classroom, where she schools students in the fine arts of punctuation, grammar and creative writing.

You may contact Kelly by email at kelly at kellywesthoff dot com.

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