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Latin America
Southeast Asia
Becoming a Traveler

Latin America


Central Mexico:  Monarchs, Mummies & Millions of People

Central Mexico is home to one of the biggest cities in the world: Mexico City. Start your tour among the city’s masses, then head out of town to a pre-Aztec pyramid and a Day of the Dead festival. Visit a town wiped out by a lava flow before discovering mountain tops covered in sleeping monarch butterflies. 

"The monarchs were amazing! We’re hoping to have you back next year!" —Suzanne B., teacher, 4th grade.

Countries of the Cone: Argentina, Chile & Uruguay

The South American continent is often compared to an ice cream cone. While 10 countries make up the scoop, just three make up the cone. Take in the highlights of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, visiting the capitals of each and a bit of their countrysides.

"I learned a ton of information about Latin America. I learned a lot about the culture of Latin America that will really help on one of my Spanish projects." —Ryan S., 8th grade student
sea lion

Argentina and Uruguay: Unparalleled and Unexpected

In Argentina, there is a street that is 16 lanes across. In Uruguay, there is a town without electricity where dead, headless sea lions wash up on shore. These two South American countries, separated by the widest river in the world, are equally unique and exciting.

Chile: Lovely, Lean and Long

On a map, Chile looks like it could stand to gain a little weight. Yet what it lacks in girth, the country more than makes up for in stunning scenery. Discover extinct animals, cruise fjords, climb volcanoes, gaze at the stars, bake on the beach and gallop through grape vines.


Patagonia: Land of Extremes

Patagonia is a remote, wind-swept land of surprising beauty on the flip side of the globe. Because of it location, travelers wait all year to time their arrival for the summer months: December and January. Learn about glaciers, penguins, condors, an extinct bear-like creature, and a prison at the end of the world.

Several of these presentations may overlap. If you are interested in more than one, they can be tailored to ensure fresh material.

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Southeast Asia

Southeast-Asian Medley: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Myanmar

Southeast Asia is a sweltering corner of the world that has seemingly everything. Linger in sacred Buddhist temples, pay respects at somber war memorials, learn about fascinating ancient cultures, be wowed by seven-story shopping malls and chill out on mind-blowing beaches.


Vietnam: Move It or Lose It

Vietnam is a country on the go. Mopeds, bikes, and boats outnumber cars. Crossing the street can be dangerous. Learn about rice paddies, conical hats, sand dunes and the mighty, mighty Mekong. Plus, since the speaker’s husband was born in Vietnam, hear what it was like to travel with a refugee to his native land.

"I liked the pictures of booby traps. The moped video was cool." —Lucas, 4th grade student

Thailand and Cambodia: Sticky Sweet

What’s a tuk tuk? If you were in Bangkok, you’d already know by now! Tour Thailand’s famously pulsating capital then head to the beach. Move on to Cambodia, a country struggling to recover from a sad and savage civil war. Before saying good-bye, visit Angkor Wat, a sprawling complex of ancient ruins.

Myanmar fishermen

Myanmar: Mir-a-what ?

Myanmar recently changed its name causing confusion around the globe. Maybe you know it as Burma? Why would a country change its name? Find out and learn about the country’s controversial political situation. Then see photos and hear tales from a land many consider forbidden. Recommended for grades 8–12.

"More Americans need this information, especially the Burma presentation." —Sharon P., adult student

Several of these presentations may overlap. If you are interested in more than one, they can be tailored to ensure fresh material.

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Becoming a Traveler

For Grades 8 - 12

How to Be a Nomad

How do you pack for a trip around the world? How do you know where to go? How do you communicate? Where do you sleep? Can anybody do it? Find out what it takes to be a modern-day nomad and learn how to plan your very own virtual trip around the world. 

For Adults

Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

So many people dream of traveling around the world, but few actually do it. Money, age, career and responsibilities stand in the way…or do they? What does it take to travel around the world? I’ll share tips, advice and web sites that can help make your dream a reality. Learn about around-the-world airfare, traveler's health insurance, packing realities, locating hotels, handeling money, and more. Bring a notepad, questions and your wanderlust.

Women with Wanderlust

Can a woman travel alone? Is it safe? Is it doable? Yes, yes and yes. In fact, women are already out there criss-crossing the globe. Some of them are traveling with tour operators, a daughter, other women friends, and some are traveling on their own. Share your travel dreams and fears with an experienced female traveler. Learn travel safety tips, gain travel know-how, and get inspired to get out there and go for it!

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