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Presentation Facts

Kelly is comfortable and experienced speaking to learners of all ages. She has conducted her presentations with students as young as 9 and as old as 80.

Group Presentation

Programming Notes

  • Programs are available in the Twin Cities metro area.
  • Programs are photography slideshows with an educational narrative that run 60–90 minutes, including Q & A.
  • Presentations are given to individual classrooms or larger groups.
  • Suitable for ages 9 to 99. Audience age is taken into consideration.
  • Prior to day of program, teachers receive a PDF activity sheet by email which can be photocopied if desired.
Kelly and Quang

Technology Needs

  • An LCD projector and a screen are needed.
  • Programs are saved as power point presentations.
  • The presenter can provide a lap top or save the presentation on a CD or jump drive and plug into a classroom computer.

Pricing and Scheduling

For pricing information or scheduling questions, contact:

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