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Global Roam Classroom Presentations bring the world directly into your classroom. Motivate and prepare your students to learn about a new region of the world, or bring a current region of study to life.

Here’s what others are saying about Global Roam Classroom Presentations:

“You were truly an amazing speaker and knew what the students would like to hear and see!” —Janet P., 4th grade teacher

“I liked how you compared things to things I already know, like butterfly blood to jello.” —Evan, 4th grade student

“I liked how Ms. Westhoff told her personal experiences.” —Meta, 4th grade student

“Kelly’s enthusiasm is infectious, and my students are always engaged while she is presenting. Her personal stories, historical insights and illuminating pictures create an exciting learning environment. Her passion for the regions she is teaching is unparalleled, and my only wish is that she could present a few times a month in my class!! —Matthew S., 8th grade teacher

"Thank you so much for coming to our class to teach us about the different cultures and lifestyles of Latin America. I really want to visit it now!" —Cosette H., 8th grade student

“I learned so much about Latin America. Thanks to you I was able to find out more about my country’s history. My country is Colombia.” —Aden L., 8th grade student

“Kelly makes a little known area become a place that actually exists and could be visited.”  —Sharon P., adult student

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