27 Dec 2011

December 2011

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Are the holidays over yet?

In the past four weeks, I have surely eaten more than my fair share of cookies, candies, breads and just about anything else that converts to pure sugar as soon as it enters my blood stream.

And we still have New Year’s yet to celebrate! Ugh.

I know what I need. A workout.

Luckily, I know just the place to go. About a month ago, before I really started in on the holiday binge, I tried a new workout: BarreAmped.

It just about knocked me to the floor. But right about now, I’m thinking that’s exactly what I need to get rid of these excess calories I’m building up.

If you’re searching for a new workout, too, check out my article: Blanaced Barre & Pilates Opens in Wayzata.

Or go straight to the Balanced Barre & Pilates web site to sign up for a class.

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