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Argentina 1

Kelly and Quang hike on Argentina's Tierra del Fuego with the Beagle Channel in the background.


Argentina 2

Kelly and Quang tromp on the Perito Moreno Glacier outside of El Calafate, Argentina.


California 1

Kelly and Quang get romantic on the beach outside of Los Angeles, Calfornia.


Cambodia 1

Kelly and Quang snap a self-portrait outside of Cambodia's Royal Palace in Phnom Phen.


Cambodia f2

Kelly and Quang pose before Angkor Wat in sweltering Cambodia.


Chile 1

Kelly and Quang live on the edge in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.


Chile 2

Kelly and Quang look stylish and hip in white-water-rafting wet suits in Chile.


Iowa 1

Kelly and Quang catch some rays on the hood of their long, white car while driving through Iowa.


Mexico 1

Kelly and Quang ride horses through a lava field outside of Uruapan, Mexico.



Kelly and Quang relax on a ride through the canals of Xochimilco outside of Mexico City.



Kelly and Quang finally return home to Minnesota. After six months traveling the world, they are same same but different.



Kelly and Quang seek shade in while cruising Myanmar's Inle Lake.



Kelly and Quang get soaked in a tropical downpour on Thailand's Ko Samui.



Kelly and Quang have fun in the sun in Thailand's Ang Thong National Park.



Kelly and Quang sneak up on sea lions in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay.



Kelly and Quang won't ever be big enough to hold all the rice Vietnam's Mekong River region.



Kelly and Quang sweat it out on the sand dunes outside of Mui Ne, Vietnam.


Tag Along on the Global Roam!

These people followed along on the Global Roam. They read our blog and sent us comments or emails along the way.

Did you read the blog, too? We'll add your name to our list if you let us know you're out there. Tell us your first name, last initial and the country or state where you live. If you're a teacher, please send just one message for your class.


Robert W.


Yael W.


Donna W.
Brett L. & Kim P.


Enrique L.
Andres B.


Suzanne B.
David A.


Pepe A. and his entire family!

United Kingdom

Clare J.
Emillie H.
Graeme & Ally

United States


Pauline & John H.
Scott H.


Eric & Kim N.
Yen & Nghi B., plus Ava and Elena
Ellie N.
Kristi N.
Brian & Tamara W., plus Ella
Tim & Ann W.
Vicky N.
Mary M.
Ali L. & Phil R.
Grace & Susan
Dan K.


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Amy H.
Daniel B.


Diane E.


PJ & Carrie F., plus Zachary & Nathanial
Max H.


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Michael & Sue W.
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Bill & Ruth W.
Jen P., aka “Cuba Jen”
Lory & Randy H.
Lisa & Cory K., plus Alex
Norma O.
Oanh N.
Constance C.
Catherine S.
Dan L. & Dawn B.
John & Kathy L.
Bev & Bob C.
Dick & Lorraine P.
Gabby & Bronson D.
Thuy N.
Ian P.
Phuong H.
Kim H.
Tri H.
Cathy & Gareth P.
Scott & Abby D., plus Alexa
Rick & Deb I.
Kyle & Kristin A.
Mary & Gary P., plus Jack & Megan
Jen & Kyle N.
Debbie K.
Barbara M.
Chris W.
Jim & Jan D.
Mike & Julie S.
Laura L.
Catherine W.
Virginia B.
Marla K.
Barrie B.
Stephanie T. & Micky B.
Kris & Chad J., plus Mikaela, Chance & Isabella
Caitlin P.
Mrs. D’s third grade class
Steve & Kathy F.
Jim N. & Vivian H.
Rico V.
Ann N.
Amy & Matt N., plus Gabe & Ben
Alice T.
Maureen B.
Peter H.
Lee K.
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Charlie L.
Peg B.
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Jessie & Tom S.
David W.
Lisa B.
Merrillee R.
Pat & Doug G.
Jay N.


Barbara & David C.
Marena C.
Dennis & Marilyn F.
Denene B.
Rob H.

New Jersey

Lauren & Harry K.

New York

Michelle & Peter S., plus Peyton & Lola
Alison & Benjamin F.
Tomas G.
Sara & Josh W.
Waldemar F.
Kent S.


Emily S.
Sue K.

South Carolina

Julie D.


Julie S.
Carols D.


Eric & Erin E., plus Emily and Eve
Joy T.

Washington D.C.



Julie M.
Mike & Shelia S., plus Michael & Matthew


Raul G.


Loan N.


Roam Reflections

While roaming the globe, we snapped these photos of our reflections.



Uruguay We rented a moped in the antique town of Colonia and spent a day zooming over cobbled streets and along the shores of the Rio de la Plata.



Thailand We had a crazy morning in a Bangkok tuk tuk. I caught this shot in our driver's rearview mirror.



Vietnam We took a river boat tour of the royal tombs outside of Hue. The tombs, however, don't sit on the water's edge. We had to take moped taxis to the sites. My moped driver was speedy.



Cambodia We hired a tuk tuk driver to haul us around Angkor Wat for two days. Each day he showed up with a helmet strapped to the front of the carriage, but he never put it on.



Myanmar In Myanmar, the walls of sacred Buddhist shrines are tiled with mirrored mosaics. In Bago, I snapped this shot of us in a temple's wall.



Iowa I spied this bummer sticker on a restaurant window in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. As we'd just come from Thailand, where the food certainly has a kick, we thought this sign was pretty funny. It wasn't until I downloaded the picture that I noticed our reflections in the background.


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