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What? Where? When?

What is the Global Roam?

Kelly and Quang are travelling around the globe, stopping in at least 12 different countries on 3 continents.

Where are Kelly and Quang going on their Global Roam?

Kelly and Quang will go to Mexico first. Then they will go to South America. In South America they will visit Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Next, they head to Asia where they will visit Vietnam, China, Thailand and Cambodia. They will also make their way through Europe, starting in Italy and working their way north to the Netherlands, before returning home.

When is the Global Roam, and how long will Kelly and Quang be gone?

Kelly and Quang begin their trip on October 20, 2005. They plan to return home in May 2006.

How are Kelly and Quang getting from one place to the next?

Between the two of them, Kelly and Quang had frequent flyer accounts with three different airlines. When they dug out their account summaries, they discovered they had miles to spend. Some of the miles were earned from actual flights taken on those airlines, some were from credit card partnerships and some were from a long-distance phone company partnership. Many of these miles had been sitting in these accounts for years just waiting to be used. Then, Quang's parents gifted them some additional miles.

It was 35,000 miles each to fly round tip from the U.S. to Mexico, and another 40,000 miles each to fly round trip from Mexico City to South America. Of course, these flights weren't completely free; there were taxes and booking fees.

Next, they used 60,000 frequent flier miles for one flight between Los Angeles and Bangkok. Then they purchased another seat on that same flight. Once they reach Bangkok, they will use a regional airline to go to Vietnam and China.

As of their departure date in October, Kelly and Quang still hadn't purchased a flight from Asia to Europe, or from Europe to home. They've done a lot of shopping around and are familiar with their options, but haven't yet put down the bucks. These days, since airlines tickets are e-tickets, Kelly and Quang can purchase a ticket online and get their confirmation number online...and they can do this from anywhere.

They did consider an around-the-world airline ticket which would have let them fly a series of one-way flights around the world. As long as they kept going in the same direction, the around-the-world ticket would have kept working. Yet in the end, the quoted prices seemed high and they had frequent flier miles to burn...so they decided to figure out flights on their own.

Even though Kelly and Quang are flying into their major destinations, once they reach a new city or country, they will travel by subway, moped, taxi, bus, train, donkey, horse, or whatever the people who live in that city or country use to travel in their daily lives.

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