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Minnesota Parent,
May 2005

Mommy's matinee

By Kelly Westhoff

It's hard to find a really good family-friendly film. It's even harder to find a baby-friendly movie theater. But Oakdale North, a Marcus Theatre in Oakdale, is changing that. Every Tuesday at 11 a.m. , the theatre hosts Mommy's Matinee, a movie time specially designed for new moms and dads looking for a few hours away from home.

Moms and dads come to Mommy's Matinee with their infants and toddlers. Theater staff set up a baby-changing station in the hall just outside the theater door. The movie plays at a lower volume and the lights are kept at a higher level. "If we have a baby that's crying, we don't ask you to leave," says Theater Manager David Bresette. "If there is fussing, we don't force you to take the baby outside. You don't need to worry. This is a family-friendly environment."

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The movies are generally adult shows that moms have requested. Recent showings have included Hitch , The Wedding Date , Meet the Fockers , Finding Neverland , and Be Cool . Occasionally, the theater offers two different feature films for Mommy's Matinee. The theater lobby opens half an hour before the movie starts, and some moms arrive early to socialize. "We do get a lot of people who come to meet other mothers," says Bresette.

Tickets cost $5.50 for adults. Children under 2 are free. Seniors and children between the ages of 3 and 12 are $5.

Check upcoming shows in the Sunday or Tuesday newspaper, or call the theatre's hotline at 651-770-4994. Show times are also available online at www.marcustheatres.com.

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